Which services do I offer?


You will send me the groundplan of your garden, pictures and a short description of which garden style you like me to use for the design. I will then do a garden plan and a plant map, which you can give to a construction company. If you are located in Tokyo, Saitama or Kanagawa, my company Niwashyu will carry out all tasks.

Of course, I can be in contact with the construction company to discuss details.
My specialty is the design of Japanese gardens and a garden design by a professional selection of plants.

My studies in a botanical garden, self-studies of Japanese gardens and my work in Japan with (Japanese) gardens helped me to gain special knowledge in these fields.

Garden Consulting:

I will select fitting plants for your garden or do a complete plant coordinate.

An exotic plant is growing in your garden and no one can identify it? I will do all the research for you!

You want to add a Japanese touch to your garden but do not know where to start?
I will consult you regarding everything needed for a Japanese garden.

I am also happy to answer all other questions about gardens!
Please note that I won’t do any consulting about harmful insects, fungi or diseases without being able to inspect the plant by myself.

How does Clover Consulting and Design work?

  • You are sending me a message regarding your dream-garden and I will send you an estimate.
  • If you accept the estimate, I will create a design plan and a plant map.
  • If you like the overall plan but want to change details, one remake of the plans is included. If you want more plans, I will charge an extra fee.
  • Consulting is charged by effort.
  • I will send an estimate when internet research is needed. For greater consulting projects I will charge per hour.